Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Taos Wool Festival (and how did it get to be October already?)

I swear someone keeps turning up my treadmill when I am not looking.

Taos Wool Festival was beautiful and fun, thank-you to everyone who stopped by!

We had lots of Nightshift kits, including in our new color way, The Neutral Zone (remember me musing about one in browns months ago?)  Well, I did one.   

AND I did the cowl.  

I love these patterns so much!

Check our Etsy store in about a week for these, after I restock.  We completely sold out in Taos!

So next I am off to Pennsylvania and New York to visit my brother's family and, for the first time ever, attend Rhinebeck.  I can't wait!  I have been running like a lunatic for what seems like months, and the prospect of 6 whole days where even if I wanted to I can't work at my business has me a little bit dizzy.  I have queued up a silly number of books on the IPad, and of course am taking yarn for more knitting than I could complete if I knit for every single minute that I am gone.  Does anyone else do this?  

Here's hoping that if I see Andrea Mowry at Rhinebeck that I don't act too much like a fan girl!

Happy Fall!

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